Site Manager Also Army Reservist

As the site manager of Veterans Manor, I have seen firsthand the difference it has made in peoples’ lives.  It is so important for these veterans to have a place they are proud to call ‘home’ and where they are proud to bring their family and friends.The supportive environment, public transportation right outside their front door, on-site counseling and convenient access to the VA sparks a sense of independence.

I enjoy being able to help people and every day I come to work here, I feel like I make a difference.

— Tonya J., Army Reserve since 2005

Dream Comes True For Veteran's Manor Namesake

Thomas H. Wynn Sr. had a dream. A dream that America’s veterans would have a home, a job and a support network that would be there for them when they suffered a setback. He dedicated his life to that dream. Wynn served with the U.S. Army in Alaska during the Korean War era and upon leaving the service began a career of serving veterans that was to last for the rest of his life. He began counseling veterans at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and later worked with veterans at the Social Development Council.

Realizing very early that many returning African American Vietnam combat veterans were disenfranchised and having difficulty adjusting to civilian life in the inner city, he joined with others in helping found the National Association for Black Veterans (NABVETS) and the Center for Veterans Issues to provide support services and housing to homeless vets.

Thomas H. Wynn Sr. devoted his life to serving minority and homeless veterans. As we open this beautiful facility on Memorial Day, let us remember and give thanks to the millions who have served and also to Thomas H. Wynn Sr. who devoted his life to serving them.